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All Our Transformers are Australian made by an Australian owned company.

A feature of "Illawarra Transformers" is the use of C-Core (for Single Phase up to 5KVA) and E-Core (for Three Phase up to 5KVA) magnetic cores. C-Cores (and E-Cores) are wound from Grain Oriented Steel strip to form the required magnetic core. The formed core is then cut into two halves, (C's or E's) to allow of the windings to be fitted. The two halves are then strapped tightly to complete the Transformer.

All our larger transformers are manufactured from Grain Oriented Silicon Steel (GOSS).

The advantages of Grain Oriented Silicon Steel is its low Iron Loss resulting in a smaller, more efficient Transformer.

All windings are manufactured using High Conductivity Copper - Aluminum is not used.

All Transformers are manufactured using Class "B" or Class "H" insulation as follows:-

Class "B"(130 C ) Class "H"(180 C)
Melinex Layer Insulation Nomex Layer Insulation
Glass Filled Nylon or Polyester Glass Formers
Polyester Glass Formers  
Polyesteriamide (PEI2) Enameled copper conductor - circular and / or rectangular
Aquanel 550 Insulating Varnish
Tunnel type Terminals are supplied as Standard up to approximately 40 amps - then Nickel Plated Brass Stud Terminals on Engraved Bakelite to suit the required current - or Copper Busbar connections at the winding for very high currents.

Voltage Regulation is generally less than 3% but varies depending on the size of the Transformer.

Standard Enclosures for Transformers up to approximately 5KVA are louvered and manufactured using Bluescope COLORBOND steel.

Standard Enclosures for larger Transformers are heavy duty, manufactured from Duragalv SHS, Galvabond and perforated Galvabond Sheet Steel, folded and welded. Both are Powder Coated Colour 631 Transformer Grey - Degree of Protection IP21.

Weatherproof Enclosures - Degree of Protection IP23 and up to IP56 are also available for most Transformers.

Special Enclosures and Colours, to suit Customer's requirements, are also available.

Transformers are manufactured to the following relevant Australian Standards:

(AS1243) - AS60044
Voltage Transformers.
(AS1740) - AS4871
Transformer Substations - Coal mines.
(AS1939) - AS60529
Classifications of Degrees of Protection.
(AS2374) - AS60076
Power Transformers.
(AS2735) - AS60076.11
Dry Type Power Transformers.
(AS3108) - AS61558
Isolating Transformers and Safety Isolating Transformers.